Ultimate Guide To Playing The Powerball Lottery

In simple words, Powerball can be defined as a multi-state lottery. Expect of 6 states it runs in all the states of the USA. It also runs in the US Virgin Islands, District of Columbia, and even Puerto Rico. In the year 1992, Lotto America was replaced by it. It happens to be the first lottery game in the US that uses two drums to draw the winners. You have white balls and one red ball which is known as the “power” ball. One drum is used for the white balls and the other drum is for one red ball or the “power” ball. The name is originated because of this one red ball as it is unique to this lottery game. One jackpot is offered by this game. It will increase every time no jackpot-winning ticket is bought. It also offers smaller cash prizes as well.


How does the drawing works?

Winners are drawn on Saturday and Wednesday nights. It is drawn around 10:12 PM (Central Time). The drawing happens to be conducted in Orlando, Florida at the Universal Studio. The winning numbers are announced on:

  • The Powerball website
  • Television
  • Newspaper, and
  • Online.

It is very simple to win the jackpot. All you have to do is match correctly all 5 white balls along with the one red Powerball. Unfortunately, there is no such guarantee that a jackpot will be given in every drawing as it is a game of luck. So, if no one picks all 6 winning numbers, the jackpot will roll over to the next drawing.


As the price of the jackpot increases, many individuals happen to buy tickets. In this way, a larger percentage of the probable number combinations are sold. So, it becomes nearly impossible for a drawing to take place without a winner. There is a high chance to win a Powerball. In fact, there has been a number of winners who have won this lottery.