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What you need to know before buying a Toto

Before buying a Toto toilet, it is important to know a few things in order to make the right choice. To begin with, for those who don’t know, Toto toilets are known worldwide as being one of the best when it comes to style and comfort. However, when shopping around you want to take into account that different models have been designed for specific purposes. Therefore choosing the wrong model could be a waste of money. In order to avoid this from happening take note of the following tips:


1) For starters, you should decide where your Toto will be located within your bathroom. Will it be placed in a wet area or not? If so then go for a waterproof product such as Washlet or Washlet S300e. If not, then you can choose the standard 2-piece model such as Neorest or Neorest 550H.

2) Furthermore, if you want a toilet with an elongated bowl but still want to conserve space go for either the Executive or Supreme e100. These models will give you the extra inches without taking too much floor area in your bathroom.

3) Also, in order to save water and maintain consistency in Toto’s flushing system all of their products work with 1.28 GPF (Gallons Per Flush). However, if you think that this is not enough for your needs then go for a Washlet which will use only 0.9 GPF when using water to wash.

4) Finally if you are looking to conserve space the compact Neorest 500 or 550 can fit into smaller bathrooms without compromising on style or comfort. It is also good to remember that these models come with a 1-year warranty which is double what most major brands offer.


These are just some of the things I had in mind when I first bought my Toto. By considering them beforehand one can make an informed decision about which Toto model will be best for their specific needs.